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A Whole New World

A poem I wrote about Access Consciousness® in September 2011

A whole new world has just opened for me,
One that’s creative, and fun, and joyful, and free.
To have, and to choose, to receive, and to give,
Something missing before? – Yes! My desire to live!

I’ve experienced depression, boredom and fears,
control and threats, and violence and tears,
I’ve had dramas, and traumas, and tantrums, and pain.

Who created this crap, this life of no gain?
I wanted to blame someone for all of this mess,
I tried Gods, and religions, and all sorts of bequests.
I’ve been powerful, and wealthy, and been Queens of old!

No one came forward, no one so bold!
One day I demanded that this better change,
this life of such strife, unhappiness, and pain.
A phone call from Kath, have you heard of the Bars?
Would you like to come with me, to come to meet Marg?

It felt like a yes and I didn’t know why?
I didn’t really care, I was ready to cry!
I’ve just had enough! Of Planet Earth, and this reality!
Of money, and rules, and total insanity!

I asked some questions, and everything changed,
A door to the universe reopened, and energies rearranged?
A feeling so familiar, and yet the Titanic had to turn about!
Those quantum entanglements needed sorting right out!

More questions, more awareness, more POD / POC, more choice!
More Potency, more joy, more fun, and more life!
More receiving, more knowing, more perceiving, and be
more creating and generating this consciousness is now ME!

And there is my space that I couldn’t perceive!
And there are my energies that I couldn’t receive!
And there is the knowing and all that I be!
Who’s been in charge all this time? Was is it possibly me?

Huge gratitude to Access, to Gary and Dain,
who gave me the space to ask questions and gain!
What’s true about me and all of my glory?
I couldn’t see me under all of the story!

And now today with total ease!
I’m an Access facilitator looking to see!
the beings in the world as they truly be,
If you would like this, then feel free to call me!