Sarah’s Story

Sarah Be, Australia's leading inspirer and catalyst for change

As a child I must have been absolutely impossible!! I had so much awareness; I knew all the thoughts in everyone’s heads. I knew what was going to happen in the future and I could see everyone’s universes and everything in them – the good, the bad and the ugly. I used to tell people about this, or role-play it out in front of them when I was younger! Obviously this was not always popular!

I would put such truth in their space and show them all the things they didn’t want to know about themselves that they got very cross with me. Eventually I chose to shut myself down and I went to the total wrongness of me – I abandoned my awareness and myself entirely. To survive, I fluctuated between being a model child to fit in with other people’s points of view of me and equally resisting and rebelling all of this simultaneously. Underneath I simply didn’t care about me anymore.

It took me quite a few years to recognize that the wrongness of me was actually the rightness of me. The awareness I have is a hugely contributory talent and ability.  By the age of 20, I had set up my own financial business in London and retired as a millionaire by age 30. I had everything that should make me happy, but I wasn’t.

After years of operating in this conflictual universe, I became desperately lost, lonely and unhappy. Then I met my husband and he surprised me. He said that he could see that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. All the years of fear, doubt and anxiety, started to lift and change. And I began to unlock myself.

I researched hundreds of different modalities looking for a different possibility. I was still miserable on the inside. Then a friend of mine introduced me to Access Consciousness®. When I was fortunate enough to meet Gary Douglas (the Founder) I knew instantly that he could see all of me. I’m incredibly grateful to Gary personally, for empowering me to explore all the aspects of me and see the contribution I am to this world.

Now, I currently live on the Sunshine Coast. (I have two gorgeous 10 year old twins) and travel worldwide as a Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator to help others see the parts of themselves they have locked away. I love exploring dynamic growth and change with people in a joyful and uniquely nurturing way, fully appreciating the greatness of empowering others to know and be themselves.