Christmas and New Year – A Different Possibility?

Hi Everyone,

What if Christmas can be Ease, Joy & Fun for you and all of your family this year? What if we are all just a few questions away from creating this, or have we already jumped into reaction to everyone else’s universes? What would it take for us to remember that we are all the creator’s of our own universes and our own Christmas. Are you choosing everything you would like to have for you and your family? Here is quick reminder of a few questions that may assist!!

What energy, space and consciousness can I be to create and generate the most joyful Christmas for me and my family with total ease?What contribution can I be to each person that I haven’t even considered?

What else is possible here?

How does it get any better than this?

What energy, space and consciousness can I be for all of this to change right now with total ease!!!!!!

A Christmas Gift for You…

I have just completed a 1 hour class recording during the Noosa Level 2 & 3 classes called “Creating & Generating by Asking Questions.” For those of you who would like to download this class here is the dropbox link. I Wonder if it may be fun to ask lots of questions in January to create a totally different reality instead of setting New Years Resolutions!!

If anyone is having trouble downloading it please contact me and I will send you an individual link.

Have an awesome Christmas and Amazing 2014 and I look forward to seeing you very soon.

Warmest Regards

Sarah Be

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