“As a client I have received life changing benefits from Sarah’s truly dynamic, personal healing sessions and Access Consciousness® classes. Sarah’s caring, compassionate, and professional approach, along with an atmosphere of relaxation, safety and trust, has allowed great healing and awareness on very deep levels to take place. In my experience, I believe that Sarah is much more than a capable facilitator of the Access classes, and is also an adept healer with tremendous insight, maturity, and respect for her clients. I highly recommend Sarah to everyone and to groups who are considering any of her personal sessions and classes.” ~ Daryl

“Sarah has such care and perception of where we block ourselves. She isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions, which allows us to uncover our hidden points of view. While we might squirm a little, there is always freedom on the other side. In very moment we know we can choose it or not choose it. I never felt pressured. Its been 2 days of opening up to my own awareness of myself. There were tears of gratitude and lots of laughter. My world is forever altered. Thank you!” ~ Jacqui

“To say Sarah has changed my life is not something I say lightly. A series of events led me to taking Sarah’s Access classes and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. What I got was an extremely safe and nurturing space to make some much needed changes in my life. Sarah was born to do this work. She is so effortlessly skilled and talented in helping others to unlock their blocks. I can attest to that for myself and the others in my classes. I’ve spent years trying to work through issues in my life and in just 15 minutes Sarah cleared it for me. I have a greater awareness of who I am and now have more skills to help me create the life I really want. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. I can’t wait to do more work with her. If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed and not sure why – Sarah is the solution. It really will change your life for the better.” ~ Julie

“To say I knew virtually nothing about Access before my weekend with Sarah is an understatement. To say that in the days since I am different beyond my dearest dreams, is also a massive understatement. From just my attendance, my children and family are also experiencing a dazzling shift within themselves. Amazing!
Sarah possesses talents and skills acutely brilliant; she effects change lightening quick and gob-smackingly easy. There is nothing in the world like Access Consciousness® and Sarah Burr takes it to it’s pinnacle. Sarah holds a magic wand and proves that magic not only exists, and is a heap of fun too!” ~ Diana

“The experience of Sarah and Access Consciousness® has been extraordinary. I am well into my 50s and was starting to get a whole lot of aches and pains as a result of a lot of earlier sporting injuries in my ankles and legs. I was stretching and walking and playing some social sport but could not recover like I used to. At a recent Access Consciousness® workshop with Sarah in the Adelaide Hills I tried a remarkable technique that Sarah introduced to our group and the aches and pains have miraculously gone! I keep expecting to have them and wake up with them but they have completely disappeared. Sarah has taught me to heal myself and has opened up a whole new world that I didn’t know existed, which I am now exploring in other parts of my life. I fully intend to join her next level of workshops when she returns to Adelaide. Thank you Sarah from the depths of my body and soul.” ~ Bron

“Over the past 2 years I have been to several of Sarah’s classes and watched her walk a very courageous journey towards being more of the beauty she is. Sarah facilitates in a manner that bypasses the mind, goes directly on the energies and gets to the core of what is happening very quickly. I am so grateful for her friendship, truthfulness, caring and sharing and for the gift she continues to be in my world.” ~ Helen

“Attending Sarah’s Access Bars class I enjoyed the process and unexpected outcomes. A greater sense of awareness and possibilities in my life plus 3kg weight drop (for those who need something tangible). I have found using the Bars on family and friends a relaxing benefit to me. I have since done the Foundation class and unlocked some exponential blocks from my life. Also coming away with awareness that these processes can remove judgment from my life. I can add these processes to other modalities I have experienced and add them in a supportive and inclusive way for the best outcome for all concerned. Thank you Sarah.” ~ Maureen

“The Foundation class with Sarah was a real pleasure. She facilitated and helped me to clear and let go of so much stuff. I am truly grateful for her awareness to allow all of me to become more present and aware. I got so much out of the weekend and I look forward to living in the question and infinite possibilities. Thank you Sarah.” ~ Helen


Video testimonials

Below are a selection of video testimonials for Sarah Be from her clients: